Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I've Been Tagged!

My blog has been tagged by Jennifer over at Crooked Needle Primitives. She is such a talented artist!

So, the rules for getting tagged are that you need to list 6 things about yourself that you haven't written about before. So here goes.....

1) I love to try new things once, even if I fail.

2) When I was little I wanted to be a pizza flipper.

3) I grind my teeth from stress at night and I am supposed to wear a night guard but I don't.

4) I want to go back to college for a different career. Teaching is the pits these days.

5) I bite my fingernails.

6) I love cats and have 4.

Now for the rest of the rules:
1. Link to the person who tagged you
2. Post the rules on your blog
3. Tag six other people in your post and link to them
4. Let each person know they've been tagged

Ok now my 6:

1) Patrick of Cre8orstouch.

2) Laura Ann- Artisan Memories

3) Flora- Bone Head Studio

4) Sam- Gollywobbles

5) Kristine- Kitsch N Sink Studio

6) Heather- Witch Hollow Primitives


Bone*Head*Studios said...

Thank you so much Deb !!!This country can't afford to lose good teachers,maybe get a higher teaching position.....

Bone*Head*Studios said...

Sue, I made a BIG boo boo ,I'm SOOOOOOOOOOO sorry!!! I wrote Deb instead of Sue, Please forgive me?

RabbitHollowPrims said...

No problem Flora :)

And with teaching I am thinking about going back to college to go so I can teach college classes instead of elementary schools.

Artisan Memories said...

Thanks so much for the tag...Flora is right...we don't need to lose the good teachers!!!
College would be a great place...I know you would be good at that level!!!
Lots of Love
Laura Ann

RabbitHollowPrims said...

I think what has gotten to me is the kids are just nasty anymore. The know nothing can be done to them. Then my boss is totally picking on me this year and riding my back crazy.

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