Saturday, January 10, 2009

Crazy Weather

Well this weekend I am exhausted from a long week of working 12 hour days. My younger son got sick with a virus Thursday and was up all night long. Now my hubby has it and it is just been a crazy day. In between the chaos I am trying to sew and then the WII game I bought for xmas finally shows up and my kids want me to hook it up and play with them so tired that boxing will wear you out! My arms are sore and all.

Crazy story the first Wii I bought for xmas, the guy was from China and had good feedback. Well he gives me a tracking number that wouldn't work. I said oh no. Well he sold about 30 wii consoles and people started emailing me to see if I got it. Well long story short, it never came and I had to call my credit card and paypal and they are getting my money back. So today my hubby signs for a package and brings it in. I look and here is the tracking number for the Wii but guess what was in there?????? Three guesses give up?

A men's pair of Ray Ban Sunglasses! So I had to immediately call everyone and tell them what had happened because now it looked like I signed for a Wii and I didn't but luckily paypal and the card said they reopened the case as fraud and I should have my money back in 30 days! What a mess. Sooo the Wii I do have I bought from a man from the US and it came today and we are enjoying it. :)


Prairie Primitives Folkart said...

Sorry you had such problems getting a Wii. I want one soooo bad, but it's just not in the budget yet (even at the regular retail price of $249). I'm looking forward to the Wii Fit games!

RabbitHollowPrims said...

I got it for xmas. I got the balance board so looking forward to losing some weight :) I know we did boxing yesterday and it wore me out and my arms are sore.

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