Saturday, June 14, 2008

New dollies 4 sale

Just a quick note that my website should be back up and running now. I found out that I forgot to repay for the year on my domain name (duh me) and so the place that supplies my domain name shut me down not my website host Djdoodles. So if you are wanting anything please be sure to visit us soon.
The fabrics on all were OOAK so if you want to order I would try to get something comparable but couldn't get the same thing....

Rosalia the rose doll was a special order but I will take orders on her. Cabbage mama sold also so I will take orders, Carrot Queen is available for 49.95

Rosalia---Ok I know you won't be able to see all this so I will tell you about her dress and clothing. First the doll. Ok she is made from muslin, stained, baked, sanded and stained again. She has the hand-painted eyes with separately attached eyelids. Her nose is pinch-stitched and she has a hand-painted mouth with a sweet smile.

She has some needle-felted pink Hollyberry hair in the front and her big rose petal leaves all around the back and sides of her head painted in a pale dusty rose color.

She has mitten hands and long legs with painted shoes to look like mary janes with rusty bells on top.

Ok her clothing. She has a muslin set of bloomies on with pink ribbon enhancing the bottom. She then has on a petticoat in pink check with vintage lace around the bottom. On top of that she has an intricate dress made from the pink rose fabric you chose as the overskirt, then a pale pink tye dyed material as her underskirt. Yes this girl has many layers :)

In her hands she holds a prim basket, inside she holds8 roses in reds, whites and pinks. Each rose was hand-painted, rolled and tacked to a stick, then hand-painted leaves were added to the stem and tacked. She came out awesome. I call her Rosalia.

Ok descriptions of the others since you get first pick.

The Carrot Queen- Ok she is made body wise like your doll so reread body description above. She has needle-felted orange hair in braids.

Her clothing is bloomies made from muslin with pale yellow ribbon at the bottom. Her petticoat is made from pale green material with some of her dress material as the ruffle at the bottom.

Her dress is made from green material with cute little carrots all over it. this is also her overskirt. Her underskirt is a pale yellow material.

She wears on her head an upside down carrot hat with greens. This isremoveable. In her hands she holds a string of carrots. Oh and her shoes are hand-painted mary janes in orange color.

Ok last one The Cabbage Queen.

Same details body wise but she is painted green.

Her hair is needle-felted lichen green wool. Then she has the green petals like your dolls pink around her head.

Her bloomies are muslin with green ribbon at the bottom. Her petticoat is pale green materials with contrasting dress fabric as the ruffle.

Her dress is made from veggie fabric I showed you, as is the overskirt. Her underskirt is made from

Her shoes are also hand-painted mary janes painted orange also.

In her hands she holds 3 baby cabbages all with pinch-stitched noses and hand-painted facial features.

Prim Blessings,


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