Thursday, June 19, 2008

3 New Dollies on Website HALLOWEEN

Descriptions below slideshow and you can buy these on my website. Go under fall dolls page 2. Http://


Up for your consideration is Bannicula. She roughly measures 22 inches tall and is made for a Back Porch Pickins pattern. She has a lot of details so lets get started.

First she is made from muslin that has been painted, sanded, stained and baked for that look of olde. She has a pinch-stitched nose and hand-painted eyes with separately stitched on eyelids and a hand-painted sweet black mouth which is shaded in white. She has a hand-painted body with separately stitched on ears on top her sweet round head. Her face has been shaded for "effect." Her cheeks blushed to a rosy glow. She wears a a double skirt. The bottom layer is made out of orange tulle with tiny black glitter dots all through it. The top skirt is made from a see through black chiffon with velvet Halloween items on it like pumpkins, witches, the words boo, trick or treat. The velvet pieces also have silver glitter embedded into the fabric. I love how the 2 pieces play off each other. I then took black ribbon and criss-crossed it in the front and back of her bodice top and tacked them into place and also tacked black ribbon around her wrists. She also wears hand-painted black boots. To finish her off, I gave her a vintage brooch around her waist with rhinestones, I pieced together a vintage pearl necklace with clear beads in between all vintage! In her hand she has a moon wand made for muslin and attached to a dowel that was painted black. I then twisted rusty wire and 2 rusty stars around the wand. She is read to go par-tey! She would look great for the upcoming holidays and beyond........

Up for your consideration is Broom Hilda. She roughly measures 18 inches tall. She is made from a Lucy Lazy Dayz pattern. She is made from muslin that has been painted, stained, sanded and baked for that look of olde. Hilda used to be a witch but she was practicing her spells one day as she needed a new ride, hers was long gone, and she forgot there was a mirror nearby and the spell bounced off the mirror, hitting Hilda and turning her into a broom. She has no one to help her change back so she is stuck now as a broom forever. Hilda's face is sculpted into the broom by hand. Her eyes are stitched on black seed beads. She wears a small black witches hat on the top of her broom handle. The broom itself has a dowel inside it for stability and then raffia was measured and sewn onto the bottom of the broom and then anchored some more with wire in 2 places. What a great display for the upcoming holiday and a conversation piece......

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