Monday, January 7, 2008

What a weekend!

So my cat got sick off something or I really don't know but every time he eats, he throws up. So I tried hairball meds and didn't work. I am thinking he ate the houseplants which I didn't know were very poisonous. Note calla lilies and philodendrons not good for animals. Anyway I took him to the vets and he ended up getting a shot for upset stomach and a shot of liquids under his skin for dehydration. Total cost 97 bucks! Now I was told he needs his teeth cleaned as has bad plaque buildup cost of that 100 bucks!

Now they say when it rains, it pours. Well I can vouch for that. Let's see in the past week, I have spent a total of 500 bucks. Fireplace wouldn't start no matter what me or the hub did cost 70 bucks to clean rocks out of the pilot tube put in by my son. The electric stopped working in the outlets in the bathroom and we couldn't get them to work. Cost 55 bucks a half hour. Next cordless phones 2 of them die in house same time cost to replace 70 bucks for a decent one, and finally my glasses broke and my insurance will not pay for them until Feb so waiting for those because cost for new pair was 140 without.

If I could only win the lottery so easily LOL Oh and dad if you are reading this Happy Birthday :)

Still working on new creations but haven't had time with the above circus so just going to keep plugging away at them. Be sure to be here next Sunday for sneek peeks of the new items I will have to offer and in the meantime check ut my listings on ebay because they are really awesome :)

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