Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sooo Now the HP People

UGH I talked to a new HP person last night to give them my purchase date to send in my computer and they were like well we have to do all these tests first.  I was like we did 2 hours of tests earlier today.  She was like but you didn't do these 2 and we can't take your computer to you do them.  Soooo she tested the video card and found it works!  Next she wants to restore  the computer to the factory settings which is going to erase everything off my computer so I have to finish saving everything today post pics and then send emails and then after I do all of that, I can reset computer and then they told me not to re-install anything at all until they see what is going on.  If that doesn't work THEN they will send me out a box to send it in only after they process that my purchase date was right as see they have me expired for 108 days which is not true so I had to scan the receipt to them and it takes 48 hours to process. So going to be messing around all day doing that and then of course when it rains it pours and my iphone's battery is dying and so found out that you cannot really replace the battery yourself like a normal phone.  you have to send it away and have them replace it and it costs something like $95 to do and takes 3 days and it ALSO erases all info so it all has to be saved to itunes UGH!
Ok done with my little rant now thanks LOL


Sweet Magnolias Farm said...

Sue ..on your PC ..if indeed it is your graphics card's very easy to replace yourself. I have no computer savvy ...and mine went out ..I ordered a replacement ( I have a Dell) and when I received it had a 1800 number that you called and a technician talks you through replacing it ..but it was so easy ..I think I could have done it just off the directions.

Maybe you can ask about replacing it yourself.

RabbitHollowPrims said...


Thanks for letting me know. She checked the card and it showed ok now they think it is a software issue.

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